[jdom-interest] BUG: XMLOutputter inserts extra empty lines

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Thu Dec 6 00:54:11 PST 2001

Jason Hunter wrote:

> I'm starting to think that instead of having separate flags we just have
> different modes with options:
> RAW: prints the document as it is in memory, default
> PRETTY: prints the document "pretty" (whitespace altered)
>   Option to change indent string (tab, spaces)
>   Option to change line width (72, 80, 0 for no wrap)
> COMPRESSED: prints the document with whitespace removed
> We might even implement it with subclasses of XMLOutputter to break out
> the code and allow others to subclass if they want special tweaking.  Or
> we might allow pluggable code units, which is more flexible than
> subclassing.  outputter.setWhitespaceLogic(xxx).
> Thoughts?

+1 for the "pluggable code units", XMLOutputter could then hide these by still 
providing (for a while) the existing configuration methods.


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