[jdom-interest] Line feed parsing

Gordon, Simon Simon.Gordon at galileo.com
Tue Dec 11 15:08:09 PST 2001

If you need to pass line-feeds or other non-valid XML characters** from
application to application, you should use some form of encoding like
BASE64. However, I would suggest moving this to element data so that the
encoding used can be passed as an attribute. For example:-

<tag encoding="BASE64">ABCJDHFkdhewncSJDJ</tag>
<tag encoding="TEXT">No non-XML characters in here</tag>

rather than using a variant of the attribute name to signal the encoding:-

<tag description_BASE64="ABCJDHFkdhewncSJDJ">
<tag description_TEXT="No non-XML characters in here"/>

** XML character data is defined (section 2.4) as "any string of
characters...". See section 2.2 for the definition of a character and
section 2.3 for whitespace. Section 3.3.3 is where attribute value
normalization is described.

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That's behavior mandated by the XML spec.  Check the section on
attribute whitespace normalization.


Li Zhao wrote:
> Not quite familiar with jdom, need some help from you
> experts. I have a probolem for outputting: There is an
> attribute value, which is taken from a TextArea with
> line feed ("Test\nGood"). The line feed seems not
> converted properly, because what I see in the XML file
> is something like
> <tag>xmi.id="_1.2" description="Test
> Good"/>
> Should the line feed be converted to something like
> "&#10;" ?. Because when it is read back, the line feed
> is replaced with a white space and it becomes "Test
> Good".
> Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
> Jack
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