[jdom-interest] Accessing Elements String Content and Childrens String content

Christian Velez Christian.Velez at RIAG.com
Wed Dec 12 11:42:14 PST 2001

With the code below, is there a way that I can access the String content
of the CNAME element and its children 'Without' explicitly use child element
names. For further processing, I want to pull the string:

	 Rev. Proc. 2001-43 and Profits Interest: ABCDEFGHIJK

    <SLNK SRCEID="ABC:638.3-1">
        <PLINK N="2001-43">Rev. Proc. 2001-43</PLINK>
    <PLINK N="2001-43">
        <M MID="ABC:638.3" MTYPE="LS" MDATE="20011011" MTIME="12501405"/>
        Rev. Proc. 2001-43</PLINK> and Profits Interest: ABCDEFGHIJK

Any help is appreciated.

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