[jdom-interest] VMTools 0.4 - XML Diff/Patch libraries built on JDOM

David Marshall dmarshall at vmguys.com
Wed Dec 12 12:36:16 PST 2001

JDOM users may be interested in the following:

VMTools provides open source Java libraries for comparing and 
representing the differences between XML documents using a conceptual 
model similar to diff and patch. VMTools is available at 


- new cost optimizer finds differences in document oriented XML as 
quickly as in data-oriented XML
- sample programs show 'diff' and 'patch' style functionality in a few 
dozen lines each
- web-based DifferenceGenerator and PatchApplicator available online
- builds on JDOM
- includes XPath subset implementation

VMTools is available under an Apache-like open source license.
David Marshall       mailto:dmarshall at vmguys.com
VM Systems, Inc.           http://www.vmguys.com

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