[jdom-interest] streamdom -- middle ground between SAX and DOM

V Lakshman lak at vlakshman.com
Mon Dec 31 08:36:26 PST 2001

I know most of us hate SAX, but what we don't like
about SAX is the "low-level" of it.  We would prefer
DOM, but how can we use DOM on large documents
or streaming data?

Well, one way is to have programmers
process SAX-like events, except that the event-handling
callbacks get to process entire elements (complete with
children and attributes, although of-course, no siblings).

I've written such a package (it's really just one class) --
called streamdom:
   http://streamdom.sourceforge.net/    or
It is currently built on a SAX2 parser and a DOM builder.
The Java API doc is here:

Is there interest in a JDOM version that would
go in jdom-contrib?  If there is, I could commit it in.


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