[jdom-interest] converting DOM to JDOM

Aleksandar Milanovic amilanovic at galdosinc.com
Fri Feb 2 18:18:26 PST 2001

I thought someone said that the DOM builder was used for sanity checks only,
and that one couldn't rely completely on it. Anyway, once I understand XML
and surrounding technologies better, I will have a chance to contribute. :)


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Aleksandar Milanovic wrote:
> Hi All,
> Since the DOM Builder is not reliable,

Who said?  :-)

I did a full revamp since beta5.  Check out the daily snapshot.

> what would be the best way to convert
> from DOM to JDOM?

BTW, if DOMBuilder really were unreliable, the best way would be to help
find what was wrong in DOMBuilder and help fix it.  Lame workarounds are
for closed source projects.  On open source projects you fix the
underlying bug!


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