[jdom-interest] jdom in applet?

Paul Libbrecht paul at ags.uni-sb.de
Thu Feb 8 11:56:25 PST 2001

Well... this can fit from whatever xml document as long as you 
include a parser with it. OpenXML is a fairly lightweight one. And 
don't forget the classics like SAX or DOM, not to mention possibly 
the Collections classes.

It's important not to forget any of the classes because the 
classloading mechanism of applets, at least within Netscape, is 
trying pretty hard to download things, from whatever place... if you 
miss the first line saying some class was not found you'll probably 
face a SecurityException because it's trying something else, but this 
something else is often Applet-forbidden.


At 08:00 -0800 08/02/01, Matthew MacKenzie wrote:
>In theory, yes, if the underlying document object was something that JDOM
>could grok, like
>org.xml.dom.Document or org.jdom.Document.
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>>  In theory, could you use jdom within an applet to access the dom of an XML
>document within a browser?

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