[jdom-interest] BUG in DOMOutputter

Shah, Mayank Mayank.Shah at gs.com
Fri Feb 9 09:45:09 PST 2001

if so then please check the method:

    public org.w3c.dom.Element output(Element element) throws JDOMException 

and what is the value of adapterClass when 0 arg constructor is used.

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DOMOutputter now uses JAXP if you don't assign an adapter class.  Look
later in the code and you'll see that the constructor is properly


"Shah, Mayank" wrote:
> I'm not sure if this bug has been reported or not so here goes:
> Using a fresh copy from cvs last night I found that the no arg constructor
> of DOMOutputter does not assign the adapterClass to be the default
> The code reads:
>   public DOMOutputter() {
>     }
> but should read:
>   public DOMOutputter() {
>         this(DEFAULT_ADAPTER_CLASS);
>     }
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