[jdom-interest] JDOM Document size

James Duncan Davidson duncan at x180.net
Fri Feb 9 12:48:13 PST 2001

on 2/8/01 9:13 PM, Brett McLaughlin at brett at newInstance.com wrote:

> In other words, as Jason says, don't count on it doing anything, and if it
> does, it won't do it all the time, on all VMs :( IMO, they should have left
> the method out of the API...

Maybe. It was put in long before we knew as much as we did about how Java
Virtual Machines were going to evolve and it was expected that Java running
on small devices could use the hints to help provide GC in places where the
user wouldn't be affected. With the latest generational VMs it doesn't help
much to call, and when we get to "non-stop" background threaded GCs, it will
help even less.


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