[jdom-interest] XML Schema

Brian Miller BrianM at streampoint.com
Tue Feb 13 08:29:44 PST 2001

Boris Mann wrote:
> Anyone have other pointers to similar
> functionality/thoughts on how
> JDOM would fit into this?

Certainly JDOM could impose schema constraints 
anytime client code attempts to modify a JDOM 
document.  Persumably an exception would be thrown
if a constraint is violated.  That seems just as
important as validation by the parser.

Personally I see more promise in Adelard/JAXB since
it allows strong typing of elements and
attributes.  So many violations can be caught at
compile-time, which gives higher quality assurance.

> As soon as I laid eyes on my first XMLSchema,
> I've believed that this is the one, true way that
> XML documents should be defined/validated.

I'm even more optimistic.  I believe XML will be
the standard wire format for object content, and
XML Schema will be the standard metadata format for
object models (including those defined in UML).
All of this will be an integral part of mainstream

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