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> >From what I can see, Adelard/JAXB will not be supporting
> XMLSchema "out of
> the box". I understand the team had time constraints (i.e. they
> didn't want
> to be gated by XMLSchema being finalized), so only DTDs will be supported
> initially.
> As soon as I laid eyes on my first XMLSchema, I've believed that
> this is the
> one, true way that XML documents should be defined/validated.
> Therefore, my
> search for something that plays nicely with XMLSchema, with
> functionality at
> the top of my list being object creation/dehydration directly from/to XML
> files paired with their respective schemas.
> I agree with the previous post on the complexity/un-documentedness of
> Castor. Anyone have other pointers to similar
> functionality/thoughts on how
> JDOM would fit into this?

You should check out Zeus: http://zeus.enhydra.org This is a project I
started that does data binding, and is built on top of JDOM. It's also open
source, and combats a lot of the bloat and over-complexity of of Castor, as
well as adding some other things that i think are really cool and important.


> -- Boris
> on 2/12/01 4:30 PM, Brian Miller mumbled something about:
> > Boris Mann wrote:
> >>
> >> A very interesting project is Castor (http://www.castor.org).
> >
> > Won't Sun's Adelard/JAXB replace most applications of
> > Castor and JDOM?
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