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de Grijs, Rudolf Rudolf.de_Grijs at softwareag.com
Tue Feb 13 21:18:45 PST 2001

Well that's a lot of reactions. Thank you all.

setXMLFilter ...
I was looking for this method, but I couldn't find it in the first place in
the 'b5-release'. But I now realize that you're referring to the current
(not yet released) version. I shall have a look at it. BTW as far as I can
see this is exactly what I need, so on the functional level it's not that
different (I think).


The current implementation looks like this

        if (this.isRootElement()) {
            return this.document;

        if (this.getParent() != null) {
            return this.getParent().getDocument();

        return null;

I was wondering why a recursive call is used to get to document. Isn't it
possible to set document for every Element that's part of a document? The
only way that a rootElement differs from it's children is by the fact that
it has no parent (right?). Of course it is still possible to have a 'tree'
without a document, so in that case document would be null.

Filtering XML document.. xml:lang attribute

I wasn't even aware of the existence of such an attribute, but actually
there are more attributes and even elements on which we build our (valid)
resulting XML documents. To be honest I can't see at the moment why this is
such a problem. Just to take xml:lang as an example... Should we 'normalize'
these documents to n document for every language and to complicate things
even further if a user selects Russian as the language of his choise, then
we need to select data with xml:lang='en' if the Russsian version is
missing. Well that's a tough job if I were to use XSLT (we have done this in
the first place, but the resulting XLS stylesheet looks horrible. I like to
think about the people who have to maintain this application when it's up
and running).

XPath contribution ...

Well in general I have the problem that I can't get to this source using CVS
(because of such a thing that's called firewall), so I downloaded the source
the hard way (which is not a pleasant thing to do). I had some problems
building this project, but I certainly would like to give it a try once
more. Could someone tell me how I can download these sources in an easy way,
knowing that I facing this firewall!

Thank you very much for your input and I'm sure we will talk a lot more with
each other....

Kind regards,
Rudolf de Grijs

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