[jdom-interest] DOMBuilder with customized adapter

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Feb 16 11:43:45 PST 2001

> > You don't touch SAX if you use SAXBuilder.
> I don't see how the SAXBuilder would help me, I still can't initialize my
> adapter since the SAXBuilder uses reflection to initilize the Adapter (why
> is it called driver in the saxbuilder API doc??).

Because with SAX you don't need adapters.  SAX has drivers, and the
adapter model isn't required.  Choose your SAX driver by class name. 
Just read the source code if you're confused.

> Hmm, I can see why it is not possible now. But isn't it so that nodes is
> always created with the base from a document and then validation of the node
> would be possible based on the base documents DTD / Schema. A validation /
> creation class have to be able to create nodes with validation turned on.

I've covered this before.  Check the archives.


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