[jdom-interest] verify document with JDom?

Paul Libbrecht paul at ags.uni-sb.de
Fri Feb 16 23:09:10 PST 2001

Indeed, normally the parser does this.

However, one COULD build another verifier from within JDOM.
For this, there's a GLPed DTDparser made by Mark Wutka (see www.wutka.com).
It is pretty simple and I have used it successfully for a little DTD 
eploration tool called DTDexplorer (see 

Note that what would be more interesting is a validator based on a schema ...


At 12:44 -0800 16/02/01, Peoter Veliki wrote:
>  Hi, I'd like to be able to use JDom to verify a document conforms 
>to its  DTD.
>What is the easiest way that this can be done?
>  I'm a newbie, forgive me if this is very basic.

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