[jdom-interest] jdom-test issues

GB/DEV - Philip Nelson philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Tue Feb 20 05:54:30 PST 2001

> For the package organization we use the following structure
> For a test of class
> org.jdom.Document
> a
> test.org.jdom.DocumentTest

The package name is a wash.  I would like to go with the name TestXXXXX
because one of the new features of JUnit is that it can search the classpath
for all classes that start with the word Test.

>     a) testing for proofing everything works & behaves as wanted
>         (public needed for guaranteeing code works with 
we've dicussed including the tests with jdom in the past and opted not to do
it since someone who wanted to run the tests could easily get them

> latest jdom.jar)
>     b) testing & debugging on the development level.
>         (only JDOM dev participants would need)


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