[jdom-interest] org.w3c.dom.Document not found

Roy Fink roy at watchguard.com
Tue Feb 20 15:07:36 PST 2001

I have this error on compile and I'm out of options to get past it:

[snip] Class org.w3c.dom.Document not found in [snip]

I have already searched the interest archives and found two messages
pertaining to the same problem.  I do have xerces.jar in my path.  I've
even tried putting xerces.jar in the same directory as my .java file.
Also, I have successfully compiled this file on a Windows '98 system.

Here are some particulars:
OS: Linux RedHat 6.0
JDK: 1.2.2
JDOM: jdom-b5 (I'm using the xerces.jar from this package)
$JDOM_HOME/lib $JDOM_HOME/lib/bin $JDOM_HOME/build
$JDOM_HOME/build/classes/org/jdom/output . $path ...... where XERCES_HOME
is JDOM_HOME/lib

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks all.


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