[jdom-interest] No Validation

CND admin at brevsville.com.au
Thu Feb 22 04:11:48 PST 2001


Firstly thankyou for the help everyone gave me the other day regarding the
ServletOutputStream being trashed, especially to Jochen Kirn.

I have another problem now in that my firewall is quite slow and as a
result my server retrieves the dtd's too slowly and times out causing
build to fail.  What puzzles me is that I think I have validation turned
off and therefore there should be no reason for build to get the dtd at

If I hack the xml to point it at one of our network servers, or to one of
the servers close by (same ISP), then everything works just fine.
Unfortunately the xml I receive points at dtd's on other servers and hence
my problem.

Here is my code:

DOMBuilder b = new DOMBuilder();
FileInputStream fo = new FileInputStream(xmlFile);
b.setValidation(false);  //WHY IS THIS NOT STOPPING VALIDATION??
Document doc = b.build(fo);

Am I missing something obvious here?

One thing of note is that the dtd's are all on cXML.org and I know the
URLs we get are all redirected, hence they are retrieved even slower.

Thanx for any advice.


PS this is not servlet related since I get the same behaviour in my
non-servlet stand-alone test class.

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