[jdom-interest] TODO.TXT: jdom.jar main method and class

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Feb 22 19:50:00 PST 2001

Steven Gould wrote:
> After getting busy at work, I've finally got around to implementing some of
> this. Before I submit it I was looking for some feedback and/or suggestions.
> I propose adding a META-INF/jdom-info.xml file to the JDOM JAR, 

Wouldn't just "info.xml" be better?  We could start a trend.  :-)  In
other words, the name of the package can be in the file, not in the

> as well as an org.jdom.Main class. 

I'd prefer just Main, no package.  This shouldn't be a public API of
JDOM itself.

> My initial jdom-info.xml file is as follows:
> >>>>>>>>>>> jdom-info.xml <<<<<<<<<<<<
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <jdom-info>

I'd suggest:

<info>  <!-- instead of jdom-info, so this can be generic -->
    <title>JDOM</title>  <!-- so we know the name of the software -->

And I'd put the other tags in lower case.  Not a big deal, but I'm used
to all lowercase per XHTML, XSLT, etc.

>     <Version>1.0 Beta 6</Version>


>     <Description>
>         JDOM is a Java-oriented object model which models XML documents.
>         It provides a Java-centric means of generating and manipulating
>         XML documents. While JDOM interoperates well with existing
>         standards such as the Simple API for XML (SAX) and the Document
>         Object Model (DOM), it is not an abstraction layer or
>         enhancement to those APIs. Rather, it seeks to provide a robust,
>         light-weight means of reading and writing XML data without the
>         complex and memory-consumptive options that current API
>         offerings provide.
>     </Description>


>     <!--
>     The following list of authors was initially extracted from @author
>     comments in the code. Apologies if anyone has been left out.
>     -->
>     <Author>
>         <Name>Brett McLaughlin</Name>
>         <E-mail>brett at jdom.org</E-mail>
>     </Author>


Other things to look at adding:

<copyright>2000-2001, Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin</copyright>
<license>BSD/Apache style, see LICENSE.txt</license>
<support>See the jdom-interest mailing list at jdom.org</support>


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