[jdom-interest] Problem parsing a XML file

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Feb 27 10:00:41 PST 2001

Kevin Baynes wrote:
> I replaced all occurances of the tag <näyttelijät> with <abcdefg> and JDOM
> with Xerces read the file just fine.
> What characters are disallowed inside XML tags? Is Xerces correct in
> reporting the error, or is it a bug?

I suspect it's a Xerces bug.  Possible it's a file encoding issue, but
as I wrote earlier:

Jason Hunter wrote:
> I see the same error when using Xerces 1.2, the one bundled with
> jdom-b6.  When I try Crimson as the parser, it works just fine.  Looks
> like a Xerces bug.  You might want to experiment with a newer Xerces
> (let us know if you find any issues) or switch to Crimson for the time
> being.
> -jh-

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