[jdom-interest] I added JDOM support to OpenAdaptor

GB/DEV - Philip Nelson philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Wed Feb 28 07:27:10 PST 2001

> OpenAdaptor (OA) can read data in a variety of formats (fixed width,
> delimited, XML) from a variety of sources (JMS, Socket, JDBC, file),
> manipulate the data, and write the data in a variety of 
> formats to a variety
> of sinks.  They supported their own version of XML, but it 
> was very limited.

Interesting.  Is the binding of data to these data objects a programming
issues or a configuration issue?  For example, if I wanted to read from a
flat file and produce a JDOM document, would I write a class to map the
fields or would I edit a file?  What about XML doc to database tables via

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