[jdom-interest] problem while creating document object

Amin, Amit Amit.Amin at emax.com
Wed Feb 28 13:53:57 PST 2001

      I am new to this list and running into some problems.
      When I create Document object by parsing an XML file which is quite
large, around 13MB then it runs out of 	memory. I will be dealing with large
files and so using SAXBuilder to build the document object. I have tried
with a file around 1MB which works fine.

	I also tried to bump up java VM's heap size by, -Xmx550m and was of
no help. My computer has 256MB memory so 	there is no memory
limitations from the system.  
      I am using following version of software:
      JDOM Beta 6
      Apache Xerces parser (fairly latest)
      JDK 1.2.2

	I would appreciate feedback for this issue. Any tips to optimize it.

	String xmlFileName = "c://temp//search4905.xml";

      java.io.File xmlFile = new java.io.File(xmlFileName);

      java.io.BufferedReader reader = new java.io.BufferedReader(new

      SAXBuilder builder  = new SAXBuilder();
      Document document = builder.build(reader);

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