[jdom-interest] JDOM accepted as JSR-102

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Feb 28 15:09:22 PST 2001

Mark Stewart wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> This seems like a good thing in terms of getting JDOM accepted inside
> corporations. The other big impediment, however, is JDOM's long standing
> beta status. It seems unlikely that the JSR process is going to do much to
> accelerate that. Is there any feeling about how long it will take to usher
> JDOM through the JSR process? Also, I assume that JSR approval will be ==
> JDOM 1.0, yes?

There's a schedule in the JSR proposal (link in the previous msg).  

If you or anyone else can contribute, we can move faster.  I'm working
now on moving action items out of my jdom-interest mailbox into the TODO
file so we can all have an idea what's left to tackle.


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