[jdom-interest] How to omit the DOCTYPE declaration?

Alessandro Marcellini amarcell at tiscalinet.it
Mon Jan 8 05:40:56 PST 2001

Jason Hunter wrote:

> Alessandro Marcellini wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I'm using JDOM-b5 on jdk1.1.8, to produce a Log File.
> > I don't need a DOCTYPE Declaration, but I see that
> > when I create my document a DOCTYPE declaration
> > is automatically added (<!DOCTYPE XLog:log>). How can I avoid this
> > behaviour?
> Set the doc type to null, and it won't output.
> Meanwhile, who's setting it to something other than null?
> -jh-

OK, I've done, but nothing is changed.
I've written this code:
Where doc is my document ...
What I've wrong?


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