[jdom-interest] About PI-Urgent

Jeelani sjeelani at infinitymarkets.com
Wed Jan 10 05:00:40 PST 2001

Infact the list contains the root element (<PriceCheckResult />).
When I print the contents of List, it contains PI,Comment and Root Element.
So I am not clear of where I didn't include Element.


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> After setting the content using setMixedContent(),still when I try 
> to get the root element, it is returning null;

Because your mixed content didn't include an Element.  That call sets
all content directly hanging off the document.

> and I didn't get the logic behind implemetation of addContent(PI) 
> and addContent(Comment) to append the same at the end of document.

This has been heavily discussed in the archives.  I'll add a FAQ about
it later too.

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