[jdom-interest] how to represent elements that starts with numeric value

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Mon Jan 15 13:36:32 PST 2001

> I am working on an application which basically converts an exisiting Contract
> from a text document to XML document.

This really isn't a JDOM question...

> The document contains headings like 
> 1 Pricing Details
> 1.1 Tier Pricing

See how DocBook (www.docbook.org) does this type of thing.

	<title>Pricing Details</title>

		<title>Tier Pricing</title>

The numbers of the sections is really more of an artifact of the
ordering of the sections than it is a discreet bit of data.

> I would like to know whether there is an easy way of representing the above as XML elements.

XML disallows elements starting with numbers, so don't even
think about it.


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