[jdom-interest] Re: Have you had success with JDOM?

Mark J Laird Markl at waterford.org
Wed Jan 24 07:53:16 PST 2001

> I would like to hear from those of you that have already used JDOM in a
> production environment.  I need to harvest your opinions, anecdotes,
> mistakes and disasters so that I can reassure our management that we are, in
> fact, on the right path.

I have been using JDOM Beta 5 since early November.  I am using it in multiple places in
my current project, including data import/export (obviously), backup/restore, and error
logging.  It has been very easy to integrate XML into these portions of my project using
JDOM, and I have not run into any bugs in the three months I have been using it.

Having written a bare-bones XML parser for a previous project in C++, I was very happy to
find that the work had already been done for me with JDOM.  It undoubtably saved me two
to three weeks of development time early on in the project cycle, as well as debugging
time later on.

Also, my understanding is that XML is currently going through a revision process in
preparation for a 1.0 release.  So hopefully, a non-beta version will be available within
the next few months (I know that will make my boss happy).


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