[jdom-interest] Getting Started...and stalled by SAXBuilder error. Help?

Steffen Gransow graste at gmx.de
Sun Jul 1 23:28:41 PDT 2001

> > This code is being executed as an applet from internet explorer - is
> there a
> > setting for Explorer's Java VM runtime?  I'll see if I can't find
> something
> > like that in the registry, and if I do, I'll post it here for archive's
> > sake.
> Applets suck.  You have to use the ARCHIVE attribute in the APPLET tag
> to make it download a class archive, and I'm not sure it works for
> JARs in IE.  Alternately, you could unjar jdom.jar (jar xf jdom.jar)
> into the code base where your applet is.  Since your applet class is
> in a package called "applet" (bad idea, by the way -- use your company
> name, like com.rockysoft.MyApplet), you'd end up with
> applet/MyApplet.class
> org/jdom/Element.class
> etc.
> You can put all these together in a separate directory on your web
> server if you use the CODEBASE attribute.
> Read the docs for the APPLET tag for more information.
> You should also know that you probably need to use the 1.1 JVM version
> of JDOM.
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With IE you can use something like this:

<object id="SerialApplet" height="0" width="0"
<param name="name" value="SerialApplet"/>
<param name="code" value="de.ixware.medpack.cardpack.SerialApplet" />
<param name="codebase" value="http://pc11:8080/MedDok/applets"/>
<param name="scriptable" value="true"/>

All the classes you want to use can then be "unjared" to the path given by
the codebase parameter. The scriptable parameter only says, that public
methods of the applet can be accessed using javascript.
For a more detailed description on using the java plugin look at


Under http://www.java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.3/docs/tags.html you'll find
ways of implementing applets cross-browser compatible.

Hope this helps a bit.


Steffen Gransow

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