[jdom-interest] Issues with b7

Erik Nord eknord at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 08:41:21 PDT 2001

I have just built a web architecture that is using JDOM extensively. When 
we were using the b6 release we were having no problems.  When we 
upgraded to the b7 our EJB's stopped working.  We all of the sudden had 
issues passing any kind of JDOM or W3C objects.  We eventually tracked 
this back to being an issue with the JDOM b7 release. We have since went 
back to b6 and everything is working fine.  We wanted to use the detach() 
method in b7.  Has anyone seen this problem yet?
Thank you for you help.
Erik Nord
Senior Systems Programmer
CSG Systems, Inc.
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