[jdom-interest] communication between an application and an applet

Yilin Liu g8901 at cs.nccu.edu.tw
Thu Jul 5 22:24:38 PDT 2001

    I have a problem about sending an Element object between an application and an applet.
    My sample codes are below :
           ObjectOutputStream out;
           out = new ObjectOutputStream(socket.getOutputStream());
           Element test = (new Element("Test")).setAttribute("message", "hello");
        Applet :
           ObjectInputStream in;
           Element msg = (Element)in.readObject();
        At this step, java console shows that an InvalidClassException about ArrayList is thrown.
     Is it a serialization problem between an application and an applet?
     Can I solve the problem if I did not install jdk1.2 plug-in and instead of putting all jdk1.2 classes in the applet directory?
    PS. the communication between applications work.


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