[jdom-interest] setText() to replace children?

Bart Read bart at wdi.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 03:59:13 PDT 2001

Er.... I think perhaps that's what I just said?

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> Bart Read wrote:
> >
> > I have to broadly agree with Alex Rosen on this one.  getText() should
> > get the text, possibly throwing a RuntimeException if there is mixed
> > content.  If you want all of the content you should use getContent().  I
> > think the function that setText() should perform is more open to debate.
> > personal opinion is that it should replace all child content of the
> > in question.  If you want to set mixed content then there are more
> > appropriate methods: setContent(List content) and the various forms of
> > addContent().  If you're dealing with mixed content I really can't see
> > you'd want to use getText() in the first place.  Conversely if you have
> > element that only contains text do you really want to get back a List
> > then have to cast the first object to a String in order to get at it?
> Absolutely not.  I use getText() and setText() a lot on elements
> that I know only contain text and they do exactly what I want. Would
> have no objection to an exception being thrown if the element didn't
> just contain text.
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