[jdom-interest] Line feeds added after re-writing of XML file

Alex Chaffee guru at stinky.com
Wed Jul 11 12:22:22 PDT 2001

1. Why is it a JSP and not a Servlet? Do you find it exciting and 
challenging to be unable to debug properly?

2. Your mailer seems to have added "file:" before your // comments. That 
makes it hard to read.

3. You are not showing us the real output. It looks like you faked it up. 
This is not helpful.

4. Looks like you're trying to remove whitespace from the source via new 
CDATA("\n").  I don't think this will work.  At any rate, you may want to 
strip whitepace from the output instead via XMLOutputter.setTextNormalize().

5. In your loop, are you detaching entries, then adding them right back 
again to the same parent? That's really odd. Just use List.insertElement.

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