[jdom-interest] XMLOutputter to the rescue (get/setText)

Steven D. Keens skeens at planetfred.com
Thu Jul 12 08:38:05 PDT 2001

Your right about the mission-critical app, but why is it so important to
keep the ambiguous method names? Is it to reduce typing, to have a
symmetrical API, or to avoid having to replace all your calls to setText()
with the new name?

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>> If we want to use JDOM in a mission critical environment then we
>should be
>> worrying about preventing the unexpected and ambiguous at all costs.
>A mission-critical app should receive mission-critical testing. A
>mission-critical app that fails because of the programmer's
>misunderstanding of
>getText() and setText(), despite the documentation, will have lots of other
>problems too...

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