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Nagulapalli, Srinivas Srinivas_Nagulapalli at CINFIN.com
Mon Jul 16 13:02:00 PDT 2001

 Do you know whether read is throwing exception or write?
 On "File" you can check whether the file is writeable by using "boolean
canWrite()" method.
 Check if canWrite() indeed returns true, and if not, you may not have
access to write it.
 My 0.02 cents.

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     again its me. One question about reading and writting. I am reading
file that doesnot exist it gives me fienotfound exception that is ok. but in
mean time if i say write to file which is a new file than also it;s giving
Exception at  XMLOutputter.output. i have one catch for read and one for
Single works fine. But together i get exception.Any clue.
Renu Gulati

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