[jdom-interest] Help for one question.

dfeather at oreillyauto.com dfeather at oreillyauto.com
Tue Jul 17 06:16:03 PDT 2001

>     again its me. One question about reading and writting. I am reading 
>file that doesnot exist it gives me fienotfound exception that is ok. but 
in the
>mean time if i say write to file which is a new file than also it;s 
>Exception at  XMLOutputter.output. i have one catch for read and one for 
>Single works fine. But together i get exception.Any clue.
>Renu Gulati

My first guess would be (if it is a write problem) that the permissions on 
the directory you're writting to don't allow you (or the user your process 
is running under) to write to that directory. My second guess would be 
that your have the path to where you want to write wrong. Maybe as simple 
as a spelling error or accidentally putting a directory in the path that 
doesn't exist (it happens). These would be my initial guesses. In my 
(limited) experience, it is usually one of those two things that causes my 
problems. Hope you figure it out!

Dan Feather
O'Reilly Automotive, Inc.
417-862-2674 x8949
dfeather at oreillyauto.com

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