AW: [jdom-interest] SAXBuilder adds a newline!? - False alarm.

MarkW markw at
Tue Jul 17 07:33:42 PDT 2001

> If i read the formatted (with LF+CR) template files using SAXBuilder and
> then try to parse them using DOM (not jdom!) i get errors because the
> of child-nodes DOM thinks it has are more than in reality due to newlines
> added by SAXBuilder (XMLOutputter is not involved; i used XMLOutputter to
> look at what was being read).
> <snip>
> Hav you tried the method:
> public void setIgnoringElementContentWhitespace(boolean ignoringWhite)
> of SAXBuilder ?
> looks like it addresses your problem (did not try it out myself yet).

Yep! And it didn´t change the result.


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