[jdom-interest] How to turn on 'schemaFullSupport' in jdom when using xerces parser?

Tony Zhang tjzhang at us.ibm.com
Wed Jul 18 09:24:46 PDT 2001

If I am using the default parser (xerces.parsers.SAXParser), how the
schemaFullSupport is set to 'true'?  In jdom.input.SAXBuilder class line
367-373 (I have b6 level of code), it's not set, by default this xerces'
feature is 'false'.  Also 'namespace-prefix' feature is set explicitly to
'false' (line 373), how can I reverse it?  (change the source code and
build my own package excluded).
The generalized question is, whether xerces parser is used by default or
explicitly specified by passing "xerces.parsers.SAXParser" to the
SAXBuilder constructor, how can I do setFeature() later on?  Or can't I?
Does jdom provide a method to do this or hard coding in build method is the
only way?
Appreciate it if anyone has a definitive answer.


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