[jdom-interest] Parsing withou validating - File not Found

Nelio Alves Pereira Filho nelio at ime.usp.br
Thu Jul 19 07:13:47 PDT 2001

Hi there.

I´m newbie in using jdom and xml, and I'm trying to parse the XML without
validating it (i just wanna know its doctype, nothing else). To parse the
XML i'm using a DOMBuider, but when I do a DOMBuilder.buile(string), I get
an error, indicating that the dtd file could not be found. But I don´t
want to use the dtd file, and I didn´t found a method that disables this
search. Is there a way to parse the XML without searching and validating
with the DTD?? I don´t wanna have two copies of all the dtds.

Tks in advance.



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