[jdom-interest] Differences between SAXBuilder.build and DOMBuilder.build

Brett McLaughlin brett at newInstance.com
Wed Jul 25 14:33:16 PDT 2001

> In fact, I really think we should remove the methods that build from an
> InputStream, File, and URL from DOMBuilder. This will reduce the chances
> that people will use DOMBuilder instead of SAXBuilder. I can imagine
> people not reading the doc carefully, and then get discouraged because
> it's so slow. The methods say that they're useful for debugging - does
> this mean for debugging the DOMBuilder implementation? If so, they
> really don't belong in the public API. (If someone really needs to do
> this, for some reason, they can always use JAXP to parse the file into a
> DOM tree theirself, and then use DOMBuilder on that.)

I agree, just deprecated them, and am committing the changes. Good idea, and
something we've been needing to do.

Brett McLaughlin
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