[jdom-interest] Urgent Request to Add a method in SAXBuilder class

Tony Zhang tjzhang at us.ibm.com
Tue Jul 31 09:50:08 PDT 2001

Thank you very much for providing the work around and the discussion
thread.  I'll take a close look at it.
I am fairly new to jdom and sorry for not searching through the archieves.
I am somewhat surprised that no action was taken on your more important
idea which is to allow an external parser.  I think i saw a quick action
lately when DOMBuilder problem was raised again recently.  My opinion is
that, although we all try to make our software idiot proof, at the end of
the day you still have to put a little trust on people to use them
correctly.  The way you help them is by a clear and concise documentation.
I can identify with the concern that it adds extra maintenance burden by
allowing external parsers, since theoretically you have to accont for all
features of all parsers, and they are all moving targets.  But maybe one
doesn't need this grand slam approach.  A limited solution is better than
nothing.  I agree your point on that the alternative is people don't use
jdom.  In our case, my original aproach was to use a native xerces
SAXparser to do validation and then use jdom to get data structure.  I was
hoping this will give me less of a peformance penalty.  But people here
don't like the idea because I am obviously parsing the same xml doc twice.
They say: why don't you just use DOM object structure then.  Hey, maybe
someone out there can tell me for fact that SAXParser+SAXBuilder(jdom) is
still faster than DOMParser!
So, back to my original request, if allowing an external parser is too
much, just give us a method which will set the property of
external-schemaLocation by taking a file name (or URI) as an argument.

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