[jdom-interest] Java Jam

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Tue Jul 31 13:13:25 PDT 2001

Hi everyone,

Normally when I write to this list about upcoming conferences with JDOM
activities the conference location is San Francisco or New York or some
such.  This time, it's a cruise ship!  :-)

Yep, the first week of November I'll be teaching with Geek Cruises. 
This is a conference where people sail around the Carribbean for a week,
learning Java on the even days and doing ports of call on the odd days. 
I taught on the ship last year, and I'm doing it again this year.  I
have a JDOM talk, one on web technologies, and one on open source. 
There's a whole pile of interesting speakers (because speakers get a
free trip).

If you're interested in attending, it's a pretty good deal.  Think about
it this way.  When an organizing company books a conference at the
Marriott (hotel rooms and meeting rooms) they're competing with other
companies, and the price is shockingly high.  When they book a cruise
ship, they're competing with retirees, so the price is reasonable.  You
can tell your boss with a straight fact that a conference on a cruise
ship could very well cost less than a conference at the Marriott.  Plus,
it's a lot sunnier, a lot more fun, and you get to know the other
attendees better (scuba diving and drinking in Mexico creates a bond
between people).

Here's the link for info:


They do other topics also.  Perl Whirl was the original.  This is the
2nd Java cruise.

Let me know if you're going.  I'm curious who else'll be there.


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