[jdom-interest] Urgent Request to Add a method in SAXBuilder class

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Tue Jul 31 17:49:09 PDT 2001

> > The TODO gives my thoughts:
> >
> > * Consider a builder.setFeature() pass-through method that allows any
> >   features to be set that aren't in the http://xml.org namespace.  Make
> >   those in http://xml.org not to be touched because either we have
> specific
> >   requirements for them to be set one way, or we have the feature exposed
> >   through a Java method.
> Hmmm... The restriction seems a little artificial. What if in the future we
> require a non-xml.org feature to be set a different way (maybe to work
> around a bug in a particular parser)? What if in the future a new xml.org
> feature is added? Nobody will be able to use it until we change the JDOM
> API, right? etc.
> Instead, we could just throw an exception if the user tries to set something
> that we can't handle. Your way is more self-documenting, but my way is more
> flexible.

Good points.  OK.

> > Alex, do you want to create a patch?  Your builder patches last time
> > were excellent!  :-)
> Does your flattery increase as your workload goes up? :) Yup, I can send a
> patch.

Perhaps, but you're damn good anyway.  :-)


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