[jdom-interest] Interesting XML benchmarks (inc JDOM)

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Jun 1 10:59:34 PDT 2001

Tom Bradford wrote:
> adam flinton wrote:
> > http://www.sosnoski.com/opensrc/xmlbench/results.html
> The interesting thing is that for all of the past concern over minimal
> bloat and maximum performance, JDOM seems to do quite the opposite, 

Remember, Xerces is on its third release and has been heavily
performance optimized.  JDOM's just starting to have a set API where
it's worth doing performance work.

Here's our philosophy:  First define an API where it's possible to be
thin and fast.  Then implement that API thin and fast.  If you tested
what's in CVS versus beta6 I think you'd see a dramatic improvement. 
The ArrayList change alone shaved significant amounts of memory and
build time.  I'm sure there's more to be done, and anyone with interest
is welcome to look for bottlenecks.

I don't have time today, but if someone wants to try his test against
beta6 and against what's in CVS it'd be good to see how much progress
we've made against those measurements.

> Let me say that I'm very pleased that in the past couple of months,
> Jason and Brett have eased up with their tight hold over the
> architecture and future development of JDOM.  

It's no different recently than it's ever been, for better or worse.  We
try to maintain the original vision, but are always happy to look at
innovative ideas.  Much of the value in the API comes from contributions
from this list.


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