[jdom-interest] Recursively Modifying the JDOM before output.

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Sat Jun 2 09:13:08 PDT 2001

At 2:21 PM -0700 6/1/01, Jason Hunter wrote:

>Maybe it should have been bold.  Anyway, seems like setText() adding
>before or after child elts feels good to people.  So which: before or
>after?  :-)

NO NO NO A THOUSAND TIMES NO! This is not a good idea. It does not 
feel good to me. The current behavior is by far the most intuitive. 
We should keep it. If it's really too surprising to people (I don't 
think it is) then we should delete this method. But JDOM should not 
be making implicit assumptions about how to intermingle text with 
child elements.

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