[jdom-interest] Namespaces.

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Mon Jun 4 19:08:16 PDT 2001

> A lot of discussions on namespaces going on witch i think is good.
> I have some assumptions I'd like to test.
> 1. When reading we generally don't care about the prefix only the
>     namespace URI. So Element's getChild(name, namespace)
>     getChildren(name, namespace) and getAttribute(Name , namespace)
>     could only compare namespace URI's.

This is what happens now via the namespace.equals method

> 2. When creating elements and attributes we might ( or maybe usually
>     will ) care about the prefix for readability off the XML for
>     humans and/or because not all XML reading applications
>     maps prefixes to URI in all cases.

Not sure what you mean here.  I think in namespace declarations and
qualified names, I can think of no case where the prefix is not mapped to a
URI, unless you are referring to a default namespace where there is no

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