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Shari McGuirl shari at mineit.com
Tue Jun 5 01:28:50 PDT 2001

I have tried Xerces 1.4 (and no change), but maybe I'll have to try a different parser....
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  Sorry, I can't see what's wrong except that Xerces doesn't like the ID attribute for some reason.  You might try a different version of Xerces (the latest 1.4 seems to work with the latest JDOM), or another parser (even msxml inside IE).  ID attributes are a fuzzy and not wholy embraced part of xml as far as I know.
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    These are the relevant bits of code.... the first section is in the xml file and the second is in one of the supporting DTD's.

    Thanks again for the help,



    <jurisdictionSpecification eid="JD0003">
      <property name="name">Galois</property>
      <property name="postalCode">11000</property>


    <!ENTITY % JurisdictionSpecification " %PropertyContainer;, countryCode? ">

    <!ELEMENT jurisdictionSpecification (%JurisdictionSpecification;)>

    <!ATTLIST jurisdictionSpecification eid ID #REQUIRED>

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