[jdom-interest] Please make a release...

Xavier Witdouck xavier.witdouck at irisfinancial.com
Tue Jun 5 09:07:34 PDT 2001


I'm sorry if this issue has already been discussed, but why is a release of
the JDOM taking so long?  I've been using it in beta for over six months,
hoping for a final release so that I can use it in production.  There is no
way that JDOM can be used in a corporate environment if it is still marked
as beta (at least where I work).  Why not just cut a release and then move
on so that at least there is some sort of baseline.  I am aware of the JSR
submission, but by the time this comes to fruition I will have written so
much code using SAX and DOM that JDOM will be superfluous.  I may not be
alone here...

Please make a release at some point....

Xavier Witdouck
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