[jdom-interest] Please make a release...

Xavier Witdouck xavier.witdouck at irisfinancial.com
Tue Jun 5 10:06:28 PDT 2001

JDOM is not exactly a huge library (thankfully so) so I can't see why it
will take almost a year to make a final release.  IMHO releases should occur
every 3-4 months at the most...iterative approaches tend to converge

JDOM is useless in a corporate environment, and that must reflect a
significant user base for this library.  Cutting a release is not the end of
the road!  The Jakarta projects have maintained fairly frequent releases, to
their credit.  Take Ant for example...there was a significant change in the
tool from 1.1 to 1.2...no big deal...Would Ant be so popular beyond Apache
if they were still on beta-6? ...Beta-6 seems like a contradiction ;).


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> Xavier Witdouck wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm sorry if this issue has already been discussed, but why is a
> release of the JDOM taking so long?  I've been using it in beta for
> over six months, hoping for a final release so that I can use it in
> production.  There is no way that JDOM can be used in a corporate
> environment if it is still marked as beta (at least where I work).
> Why not just cut a release and then move on so that at least there is
> some sort of baseline.  I am aware of the JSR submission, but by the
> time this comes to fruition I will have written so much code using SAX
> and DOM that JDOM will be superfluous.  I may not be alone here...

As with all open source projects, the software moves as fast as people
working on the project are able to push.  If you'd like it done faster,
the TODO lists tasks where you could contribute.  Post to the list
before taking something on.


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