[jdom-interest] Please make a release...

Schuetz, David David.Schuetz at veridian.com
Tue Jun 5 10:30:55 PDT 2001

While I have to agree that I'd like to see a final, released, polished
product (or even on that was semi-complete but workable and bug-free), I
also don't want to see lots of releases when there are still changes to be

For example, in the two days since I've joined this list, I've seen some
spirited discussion on the SetText() method.  It's not entirely resolved,
but it's possible that the method name, behavior, or even existence may
change before the final release.  To me, that example alone proves that JDOM
is not yet "ready for prime time."

Earlier today, I alluded to the "library hell" that much of the Java/XML
community (hell, much of the open source community at large) is in.  So many
packages are interdependent upon so many others that you don't know what to
do.  I've got three copies of Xerces on my box -- one I downloaded straight
from Apache, one that came with Xalan, and one that came with JDOM.  Only
one of 'em works with JDOM.  By keeping the "Beta" label on JDOM, the
authors help to alleviate such pains.  Once it comes out of beta, subsequent
versions shouldn't break other software.  (right? please?)

In the meantime, until JDOM gets 100% stable (I'd venture that it's probably
80-90% stable now), what's to stop you from developing your project around
JDOM now, anyway?  Get it going, and by the time your project is mature,
tested, and debugged, JDOM should be finalized and stable.  But if they were
to release JDOM 1.0 today, then in 6 months you might have to recode your
app, anyway.

Or something like that.  I'm probably rambling too much. :)

On the other hand, what's the criteria for another beta release?  As geeky
as I am, I generally avoid CVS releases, but had to make an exception 'cause
the xform stuff looked so good. Is there a schedule for the next milestone?


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