[jdom-interest] Please make a release...

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Jun 5 12:08:15 PDT 2001

Dennis Sosnoski wrote:
> I'd personally like to see a new release of JDOM, especially if 
> the developers feel they've made significant performance 
> enhancements. I'm going to update my performance comparison with 
> the latest figures and some additional tests within the next week or
> so, and JDOM is the only model which hasn't had a new release since 
> the original publication.

I'll do a beta7 release as soon as I'm back from JavaOne.  I was going
to do it before J1 but Jools is so close to being done with FilterList
that I decided to wait a little bit.  I believe FilterList is going to
help list read performance significantly because there won't be all the
object copying.  And it'll avoid us getting any more bug reports about

> I don't want to use the current CVS version for the performance 
> comparison because that's a moving target subject to change on a 
> daily basis.

It wouldn't hurt if you ran a non-published test now to tell us if the
list change had a significant impact.


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