[jdom-interest] partial parsing?

Cem Karan Cem.Karan at usa.alcatel.com
Tue Jun 5 13:45:03 PDT 2001

I've been using JDom both to parse and to create a fairly large XML
file.  I've just recently discovered that it might get even larger than
it currently is as I've just heard through the grapevine the rumblings
that the utility that uses JDom and creates the file is going to have
some more additions added onto it, which might increase the size of the
file by a good bit more.  The current in memory usage of JDom is over
107 Mb and if some of what I've heard gets added, the underlying file
could bloat up to 10 times its current size.  Now I know that memory
prices are going down and I know that I can increase the virtual memory
partition a good bit on the system, but after a while, something is
going to explode.

What I was wondering is, is it possible to 'tweak' JDom so that it does
relatively lazy builds of trees?  Or will this require a major rewrite?

If its easy, I'd like to support this for the various users.  If its
going to involve a great deal of work, then I'd like to start
discouraging people on my end from mandating anything thats going to
hammer on JDom that much right now.

Thanks for any advice,
Cem Karan

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